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Each guest has a personal hammock for leisurely lounging. The daily accommodations include at least four outdoor breaks, fresh linens for the hammock, housekeeping, daily feedings, and free access to fresh water.  We offer many upgrades to enhance your pup's stay which include room service, personal workout sessions, beach strolls, and pet friendly ice cream treats.



Tiki:     $25/night        Room Service $3/night

(reserved for our guests less than 20#)

Villa:     $35/night        Room Service $5/night

Suite:     $45/night        Room Service $5/night

Family Suite:     $65/night for 1 or 2 guests        Room Service $10/night

(offers separation for those guests who live together but don't eat together)

This price per night includes outdoor exercise/potty time 4 times a day, hammock, and blankie. Second guests may share a room for $25 per night. We offer "Room Service" feeding of Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Skin and Stomach for those guests who do not bring their own food.


  • Private Workout Session       $5/15 minutes

  • Personal Massage                    $5/15 minutes

  • Private Beach Stroll                $10/10 minutes

  • Pawdicure                                   $10                                                   *dremel add $10.00

  • Sushi Dinner - Tuna or Salmon     $8

  • Pup-cream Dessert                          $5

  • Stuffed Kong                                      $5

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